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Mister Universe, Mr. Universe and Mr Universe. The three variations are used for our beauty pageant worldwide. The beauty pageant is owned by Glamanand Group from India.

The Countries who can Participate in the Mister Universe Pageant are:

 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 British Virgin Islands
 Cayman Islands
 Costa Rica
 Côte d’Ivoire
 Czech Republic
 Dominican Republic
 El Salvador
 Equatorial Guinea
 Northern Ireland
 Puerto Rico
 Sierra Leone
 South Africa
 South Korea
 South Sudan
 Sri Lanka
 Trinidad and Tobago
 United States Of America


Objective: Mr Universe is the quest for Global Male Excellence. Mr Universe is not just about physical appearance; it’s a platform that seeks to identify and showcase well-rounded individuals who possess qualities beyond aesthetics. The competition aims to find a global ambassador who is not only physically fit but also intelligent, socially aware, and charismatic.

Contestants: Contestants participating in Mr. Universe come from various countries and cultural backgrounds. They are young men who demonstrate a blend of physical fitness, charm, talent, and social responsibility. These contestants are often accomplished in various fields, including sports, arts, academics, and community service.

Competition Segments: Mr. World contestants compete in a variety of segments designed to test different aspects of their personalities and abilities. These segments may include:

  1. Fitness and Sports: Contestants showcase their physical prowess through sports challenges and fitness routines.
  2. National Costume: National Costume is an important segment of Mr Universe pageant where contestants showcase the diverse cultures and elements from their respective countries.
  3. Talent Showcase: Participants display their unique talents, whether in music, dance, art, or other areas.
  4. Style and Fashion: A segment where contestants display their sense of style and fashion.
  5. Multimedia Presentation: Contestants discuss their social projects, personal philosophies, and advocacy efforts.
  6. Beach Wear and Formal Wear: Traditional pageant segments where contestants demonstrate confidence and presence in different attires.

Advocacy and Charitable Work: Mr Universe often emphasizes social responsibility and charitable initiatives. Contestants are encouraged to support various causes and engage in community service projects, aiming to make a positive impact on society.

Global Ambassadors: The winner of the Mr Universe competition is not only recognized for his physical attributes but also for his leadership qualities and potential to make a difference on a global scale. The titleholders often represent the pageant in various international events, engage in charitable activities, and act as ambassadors of goodwill.